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AFA stainless is proud to present an endless array of luxury Bath Kitchen products. The beauty of our designs are reflected in the amazing and unique characteristics of Stainless Steel. Fabricated from premium grade heavy duty T-304 Stainless Steel with 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel to prevent staining and rusting for a lifetime of service

AFA stainless is proud to present an endless array of luxury kitchen and bath products. The beauty of our designs are reflected in the amazing and unique characteristics of stainless steel. Fabricated from premium grade heavy duty T-304 and T-316 stainless steel to prevent staining and rusting for a lifetime of service. Each and every AFA stainless product is handcrafted and transformed into a unique piece of art. Most of the kitchen and bath faucets bodies today are made of low-temperature alloys which contain heavy elements such as lead, cadmium and arsenic that are both naturally occurring and part of the lead element. Thus the composition of the alloy can be detrimental to the environment including all human, animal and plant life. The internal water passage areas will contact water flow whenever the faucet is in use.

Over the course of a normal life of the unit, it is cycled through repeated on/off cycles exposing the passages to air and then water accelerating the corrosion process. This enables heavy elements to leach off of the unit over its entire service life. The water flow thus contains trace amounts of heavy elements which could bring out traces of lead, which will subsequently mix with the water.

The long-term use of such water to wash fruits and vegetables (or cooking of food) with trace amounts of lead will be directly or indirectly consumed and absorbed into the human body. These heavy metal elements will accumulate beyond the tolerance or load of human body and organs that will eventually lead to or cause various types of known toxic metal lead poisoning that impacts the nervous systems, mental capacity, skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems. These conditions are particularly harmful to young children, pregnant women and older adults. If the body continues to drink such water for a long or extended period of time, this will could cause damage to the brain, nervous system, kidneys and red blood cells. In particular, if pregnant women and children drink such water, then the consequences could be unthinkably miserable.

As we know, all of low-temperature metal alloys faucets and accessories need an electroplated coating. The harm of electroplated wastewater on the environment is one of the largest problems the earth faces today. We need to protect our environment and protect the earth, and not to cause environmental pollution in our process of manufacturing.

Electroplated wastewater has serious environmental repercussions and endanger human, animal and plant life. The international community including the European Union, Japan and North American environmental protection departments have developed a series of policies and regulations to replace the serious environmental problems electroplated products have caused and are not allowing them to enter their markets. Electroplating is also one of the main sources of serious pollution of the air, the water and the land, seriously endangering the health of all inhabitants.

In accordance with the UN authorities on the need for sustainable development and protection of the environment, the coordinated development and continued research are replacing heavily polluting electroplating technology. New applications and techniques in manufacturing are able to replace the source of environmental pollution from the plating procedures. Therefore, producing solid stainless steel kitchen and bath faucets to replace electroplating products and related technologies and policies, enhance the environmental practice. This also shows that by replacing plating, it will significantly improve the quality of kitchen and bath products, while saving massive pollution treatment costs. This adds to extremely significant economic and environmental benefits.

AFA Stainless is a second generation private family owned manufacturer of stainless steel products and has been manufacturing in two plants since 1993. The company is opening a third brand-new foundry, which covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, and is equipped with several modern types of energy-saving & environmentally-friendly production lines including a fully automated wax and shell making process flow line. The headquarters of our company is located in the famous industrial town Ningbo in China.

One of the biggest drawbacks to electroplating or coating faucets, is the hardness and wear resistance is poor (about 50% of the plating is chromium). It is evident especially in the handle and spout. Stainless steels high strength and wear resistance resists oxidizing acids and can withstand all ordinary rusting. The process of producing stainless steel products are also not a cause of environmental pollution. AFA Stainless uses type 304 stainless steel as main material to produce sinks. For severe environments like the bath that require a higher level of resistance to corrosion than Type 304 can offer, AFA Stainless uses a Type 316 stainless steel to produce bath faucets, showers and accessories.

AFA stainless uses a lost wax investment castings foundry, and a CNC machining factory. This enables us to supply both precision castings and finished faucets, showers and accessories. These are exported to Europe, North America, and Australia, the European Union as well as other destinations around the world.

We focus on developing high-quality kitchen and bath for top-end markets. Our products are not only for domestic customers, but are used extensively in commercial aspects as well.

The company sticks to the quality management philosophy that starts from the customers’ needs and ends with their complete satisfaction. AFA Stainless focuses on our customers’ demands and strives to exceed their expectations. AFA Stainless would like to sincerely invite the global prospective buyers to pay a visit to our website and contact us with any and all questions and comments.